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As Terry is half Greek, that is a major influence on her writing. However, she was born in Kano, Nigeria and the language, music and culture of her birthplace have also seeped into her music. Both these influences flavour the tracks on this new album/CD.

WASA WATA (loosely translated) means 'women playing' in the Hausa language - it could be music or it could be games...

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XANA is our debut album and the tracks and pdfs of CD artwork and information can be found on our music page!

XANA, pronounced 'ksa-na' means 'once more/again' in Greek (ΞΑΝΑ).

"...the songs on XANA transport the listener to a realm without borders, the high level of musical craftwork allowing us to dream into being the meanings brought to us through sound." - David Katz 12/2011

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One Night Stands

Developed out of the Blow The Fuse promotions at the old Vortex in Stoke Newington Church Street, LONDON N16. The aim being to record music that is ‘enjoyable, exciting & inspiring’. ‘One Night Stands’ was released in October 1994 and is a collection of tracks from live sessions.

You will find TERRYAZOOME on Track 3. Unfortunately it is the only one of our recordings to date featuring COSTAS RIALAS on bouzouki.

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The name Terryazoome is an anglicised version of a Greek word, basically meaning ‘we are well-matched.’ It obviously references the Greek heritage of its twin bouzouki players, but for Terry, the end result cannot really be classified as Greek music. She suggests, instead, that any Greekness in the band ‘is a mongrel—like me—as is the band’s non-Greekness. I believe we are making some interesting new sounds with our mix of Greek, jazz, Latin and anything else that takes my musical fancy; I love music and different rhythms. And I have strong musical memories of the Africa of my childhood…the drums…clapping and singing in amazing rhythms with my friends…music as part of your life—not just sold back to you—so I think that the drums and sax lines allude to that in certain pieces.’

Although the music of Terryazoome is anchored to the music of the Greek Diaspora by default, in the best jazz tradition, the songs on Xana traverse geographical boundaries, transporting the listener to a realm without borders, the high level of musical craftwork allowing us to dream into being the meanings brought to us through sound. The band’s ethos is perhaps best summed up by the opening track, ‘The Dalbeattie Lion and the Istan-Bull,’ which reminds that spices can have a completely different flavour than expected, depending on what they are mixed with. Overall, the deeply personal music on this album manages to reference the past—both ancient and modern—while facing decidedly towards the future.

DAVID KATZ November 2011

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