Latest Incarnation…


Recording WASA MATA:
Tweaks, adding vocals and other finishing touches. This was at KARMA rehearsal studios.

Group photo L-R
Diane McLoughlin (sax, vox)
Winston Clifford (drums, vox)
Angelos Georgakis (lead bouzouki, Vox)
Alison Rayner (bass, vox)

From L-R
Chris Lewis (sound)

Alison & Angelos

Kate Shortt joined the band after the Karma sessions, so she recorded at my house or at Chris’s place.


Tea break during rehearsals, very popular.. taken by Terry


This is a video of our instrumental called NO GOING BACK, track 6 on or CD XANA (ksa-na in from the Greek word ΞΑΝΑ which means ‘once more/again’). NGB is a musical journey. People drift in then out and, sometimes, back into your life. Others slam in and disappear before you are aware of their impact on your psyche…. There is an homage to an old Greek song by Nikos Gounaris, called SOUSOURATHA an old name for the bird the yellow wagtail (and slang for ‘flirt’…) However, whatever the interaction, you eventually come back down to earth. This may be wistful and thoughtful, but it isn’t meant to be sad!

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Gigs & Other Stuff… In no particular order!

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs by NICK WHITE (NW) or PAM ISHERWOOD (PI)

Launching cd 1, XANA at the Forge in Camden, London NW1 on 13/10/12