TERRYAZOOME: World/Jazz Fusion Band

Pronounced Terry-a-zoom-ay, this fluid music band is the brainchild of songwriter/composer Teresa {Terry} Hunt. She plays guitar and Greek bouzouki.  Terryazoome, is an anglicised version of the Greek word Tαιριάζουμε, which means something like ‘we click/are well matched’.


MARCH 2015 – Hello all… tardy of North London here!

Been keeping up facebook, twitter and a bit of Linked In – interesting to know who actually looks at websites these days. I hope they do!  Work progressed slowly on new CD, because it is based on live performances, and Brigitte moved on so new vocals had to be done and so on.  We now have a wonderful new singer/cellist KATE SHORTT and the 2nd CD is waiting to go to press.  We have already started work on CD 3

Always best to keep up with us on FACEBOOK & TWITTER these days


Jazz… Greek… World…?

We keep being asked what we are… Jazz… Greek… World… well we have all those flavours. None of our pieces tastes the same and to play you one will skew things.  But just for fun.. here is our own video of AN EVENING WITH CHRIS & CHRYS from XANA – which we hope will make you smile…

Latest Album



XANA is our debut album and the tracks and pdfs of CD artwork and information can be found on our music page!

XANA, pronounced 'ksa-na' means 'once more/again' in Greek (ΞΑΝΑ).

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A wonderful moment from our CD launch at the Forge in Camden on 13/10/12. This is Winston singing BREAK MY HEART.

To see more of our videos, please visit our YOUTUBE site