TERRYAZOOME: World/Jazz Fusion Band

Pronounced Terry-a-zoom-ay, this fluid music band is the brainchild of songwriter/composer Teresa {Terry} Hunt. She plays guitar and Greek bouzouki.  Terryazoome, is an anglicised version of the Greek word Tαιριάζουμε, which means something like ‘we click/are well matched’.

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Spring/Summer 2017

Latest CD/album WASA MATA is now available!

Latest Album


As Terry is half Greek, that is a major influence on her writing. However, she was born in Kano, Nigeria and the language, music and culture of her birthplace have also seeped into her music. Both these influences flavour the tracks on this new album/CD.

WASA WATA (loosely translated) means 'women playing' in the Hausa language - it could be music or it could be games...

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Some Videos


Jazz… Greek… World…?

We keep being asked what we are… Jazz… Greek… World… well we have all those flavours. None of our pieces tastes the same and to play you one will skew things.  But just for fun.. here is our own video of AN EVENING WITH CHRIS & CHRYS from XANA – which we hope will make you smile…